Scripts n Styles update 2.0.1

Scripts n Styles is a tool to allow admins (and editors in single installs) to add scripts and styles without editing template files, or worrying about authors overwriting the code (code is stripped when an author updates since they don’t have permission to use unfiltered html).

Improvements in version 2.0.1:

The meta box has been improved to provide a tabbed interface for less clutter, and syntax highlight and formating is added using the open-source CodeMirror 2.1.

An option has been added to allow adding script to the head element in addition to the traditional bottom of the page spot.

An Options page (under Tools) has been added so you can add Script n Styles to the entire site, rather then just the individual posts and pages.

Some minor code improvements:

  • Better selection of post_types.
  • micro-optimization for storage of class names.
  • Defined a later priority for Scripts n Styles to print after other scripts and styles.
  • Better adherence to coding standards.
  • began contextual help (notes on capabilities).

Scripts n Styles

Introducing a new plugin for WordPress from unFocus Projects!

Ever need to add a CSS style or some code snippet to just one page or post in WordPress? We release an admin tool to do just that.

On the post edit screen of the admin, Scripts n Styles adds a meta box where you can add JavaScript, CSS or even add class names to the body tag or the post content wrapper (as long as the theme supports wp_head, wp_footer, body_class, and post_class functions and almost all do).

The plugin is available on Extend (and therefor your plugin admin screen :-) ). You can also fork it on Github. It’s licensed GPLv2. (current version 1.0.2)