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Welcome to the projects section of Here is some info on the current projects:

  • History Keeper – A deep linking, browser history (back button) enabled javascript and Actionscript 3.0 toolkit.
  • SwfHTML – A javascript based embedding solution for Flash Swf files.
  • Games – Just some experiments with games programming.
  • Blocks (Tetris Clone) – The first (and currently only) Game code in the Games section of

3 thoughts on “Projects”

    1. Hi Toby! I don’t mind at all. I actually have two changes to that class planned (don’t know when I’ll get to them) – one is to change the license from LGPL to MIT or something similar (I haven’t made an announcement about that just yet). I don’t think that’ll affect your usage. The other change is to make the events fire real DOM events, to address Dean Edwards’s findings. Hopefully you will find both of these changes beneficial. 🙂

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