unFocus.History Keeper 2.0 (and SwfHTML) Beta 4 – Out Now!

A brand spanking new Beta 4 of unFocus.History Keeper is out, and ready for download! Download it from Google Code. (If you are wondering what happened to Beta 3 – I actually rolled that update about half way, and had it sitting in SVN for a while, but I never made the archive, or release notification.)

Sloppy change log:

- Fixed Flash Player 10 PlugIn detection.
- Changed license to MIT
- Quick and dirty temp IE8 support (makes IE8 use the timer method).
- removed ObjectPatentMagic
- added Packed library files for Beta 4 (says RC1 in SVN, but I changed my mind, there’s more I’d like to add).
- Added svn:keywords to most files.
- Updated tests for EventManager, FlashPlayerInfo, HistoryKeeper, SwfHTML and SwfShim.
- removed WebTV code, since the entire FlashPlayerInfo script doesn’t work in WebTV anyway.
- Fixed Issue 5. Added methods for major, minor and bugfix versions, to reflect changes to the convention in Flash Player 10 – Also cleaned up issues releated to the changes in IE.
- Added getUpdateVersion for the special case Flash Player 9 updates.
- Quick fix for shimMode on SwfShim.
- Fixes IE support.
- Adds shimMode property (it’s off by default).
- Fixed typo in call to get initial hash value (deep link), which broke it.
- Updates to the HistoryKeeper Actionscript 3.0 files. These changes are generally significant.
- Added asdocs comments (to AS3 files).
- Added support for Opera’s history.navigationMode.
- Made IE8 Hack detection more robust, and IE detectin simpler.
- Initial commit of Actionscript HistoryKeeper and AS3->JS communication framework (really just an easier replacement for fscommand). All of this is pretty rough – vomit draft material.
- Some smaller code comment and formatting cleanups.
- removed problematic _createAnchor functionality. (Issue 6)
- updated IE version detect to be compatible with multi-digit versions.
- Reworked Error messages so that they make sense in FireBug and other Javascript consoles. Fixes Issue #3
- Added direct and gpu WMode values.
- Made value checking case insensitive.
- Added SVN keywords Revision and Date, and added text/javascript mime-type.
- Fixed SwfShim.

Enjoy! :-)

2 thoughts on “unFocus.History Keeper 2.0 (and SwfHTML) Beta 4 – Out Now!”

  1. If you mean the IE bugs, then not really. I don’t know if any of the deep linking solutions solve that problem – if one does, let me know, and I’ll glom a fix! ;-)

    If you can be more specific, I can take a look at what you mean.

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