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Embedible web fonts and the rights counter argument

Gah! I’d like to apologize to anyone who received a ping of a very early draft version of this post, or had to suffer through that unfinished thought dump or any of the hurried revisions in between.

I’ll post the finished article in a little while.

I hit the publish button accidentally on my way to click the File menu in Windows Live Writer, and the thing published without warning. Time for a feature request – either warn before posting by default, or move the publish button to a less accident prone location.

Update: I posted the finished article.

Author: Kevin Newman

I'm the lead developer at adcSTUDIO located in Kingston NY (in Livingston Manor NY before that). I do all kinds of things there, from robust server side work to the much more enjoyable client side development in HTML/JavaScript/Flash (RIAs, HTML5, etc.) and all the other tech-buzz-phrases of the moment. My brother came up with the idea for which was originally meant be a place to discuss and blog about whatever topics we both found interesting, from politics to technology, to art and design. Time was scarce, and I need a place to host History Keeper, and unFocus Projects - a sub focus of was born, and eventually migrated to the font page. Oh, and I'm on Twitter (@Touvan) and Google+.

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