define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true); July 2009 – unFocus Projects – Kevin Newman and Ken Newman

Testing the WordPress iPhone app

Just testing the iPhone app. Seems pretty spiffy. Can’t manage plugins and whatnot but that’s ok. This is pretty good for posting on the go. It supports landscape typing too. 🙂

For fun (and for testing I attached some pics of some cool clouds that rolled right accross the road on the way into work one day). It was fun watching that.

No rich text editor. That’s a significant shortcoming.

The forums are back!

I got a suggestion that needs forums (well, forum). So just for fun, I thought I’d dig up the old archive, and see if I could get it to work. And it did! Pretty easily too. You will have to register to post, since I can’t get the anonymous plugin to work yet – seems I’ll have to wait for an update on that. So please have at that forum!!

MIT License for unFocus.History Keeper

I have decided that LGPL is overkill for a tiny project like unFocus.HistoryKeeper (and friends) – so I changed it to MIT. LGPL would have been a pain for anyone selling or using a commercial product with history keeper, and I really don’t think the code is substantial enough to be such a headache. But now that’s not a problem! MIT is a better fit I think.

The change has already been reflected on the Google Code page, and in the newest release archive.

End of Life for IE6

Internet Explorer 6 is approaching its end of life! I did a quick Google search and found an “End of Life” movement calling for developers to abandon support on December 31, 2009 or January 1, 2010, but according to the Internet Explorer’s “Lifecycle Supported Service Packs” , it looks like support officially expires on July 13, 2010. Notwithstanding the 7 1/2 month difference, I’m simply happy the the end is in sight! And then I read that IE6 is covered under XP SP3 and therefor supported until 2014…

The only way to kill Internet Explorer, is to simply stop supporting it as developers. I feel we owe it to the web in general to support the latest standard (official or defacto) and the latest browsers.

unFocus.History Keeper 2.0 (and SwfHTML) Beta 4 – Out Now!

A brand spanking new Beta 4 of unFocus.History Keeper is out, and ready for download! Download it from Google Code. (If you are wondering what happened to Beta 3 – I actually rolled that update about half way, and had it sitting in SVN for a while, but I never made the archive, or release notification.)

Sloppy change log:

Fixed Flash Player 10 PlugIn detection.
Changed license to MIT
Quick and dirty temp IE8 support (makes IE8 use the timer method).
– removed ObjectPatentMagic
– added Packed library files for Beta 4 (says RC1 in SVN, but I changed my mind, there’s more I’d like to add).
– Added svn:keywords to most files.
– Updated tests for EventManager, FlashPlayerInfo, HistoryKeeper, SwfHTML and SwfShim.
– removed WebTV code, since the entire FlashPlayerInfo script doesn’t work in WebTV anyway.
– Fixed Issue 5. Added methods for major, minor and bugfix versions, to reflect changes to the convention in Flash Player 10 – Also cleaned up issues releated to the changes in IE.
– Added getUpdateVersion for the special case Flash Player 9 updates.
– Quick fix for shimMode on SwfShim.
– Fixes IE support.
– Adds shimMode property (it’s off by default).
– Fixed typo in call to get initial hash value (deep link), which broke it.
– Updates to the HistoryKeeper Actionscript 3.0 files. These changes are generally significant.
– Added asdocs comments (to AS3 files).
– Added support for Opera’s history.navigationMode.
– Made IE8 Hack detection more robust, and IE detectin simpler.
– Initial commit of Actionscript HistoryKeeper and AS3->JS communication framework (really just an easier replacement for fscommand). All of this is pretty rough – vomit draft material.
– Some smaller code comment and formatting cleanups.
– removed problematic _createAnchor functionality. (Issue 6)
– updated IE version detect to be compatible with multi-digit versions.
– Reworked Error messages so that they make sense in FireBug and other Javascript consoles. Fixes Issue #3
– Added direct and gpu WMode values.
– Made value checking case insensitive.
– Added SVN keywords Revision and Date, and added text/javascript mime-type.
– Fixed SwfShim.

Enjoy! 🙂